Together, we can make a difference

Our students are the population directly responsible for driving a disproportionate percentage of violence. They are often times written off, segregated and isolated to the streets.

They are not who society thinks they are. No one wants to end up dead, or in jail. The sad reality is that the lifestyle that leads to those outcomes is often the best short-term solution for the challenges they face. While at times they make bad decisions, these decisions are based on the logic of their circumstances, and based on a love for each other no one else is willing to show them.

Love becomes our weapon for change. The gym is where our students come to find hope, to build trust with positive adults, and to belong to a new community that provides unconditional support. It’s a positive logical alternative to the streets. For some, the gym becomes a career path in personal training. For others, it’s the start of a new network: they meet our staff, partner organizations, and personal training clients, creating job and academic opportunities outside of the gym.

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