Our Students

We work closely with our students, schools, parents, and teachers to create a program that works for each student as an individual. Upon entrance to the program each student is interviewed. Our goal is to help our students in and outside the gym.

This is their program as much as it is the coaches and staff of InnerCity Weightlifting. They set their own rules and expectations. We seek to involve any student on a direct path to gang involvement, former and active gang members, and young victims of domestic abuse.

We grew from 4 to over 100 students in our first 8 months. By the end of our first 8 months, 100% of our target students referred at least one friend.

For security reasons, student names are not available on the website.

Our Team

  • Jon Feinman: Executive Director, Founder, CSCS, USAW Coach
  • Blake Bolden: Operations Coordinator
  • Reggie Talbert: GM and Coach
  • Josh Feinman: Program Director and Coach, N.A.S.M. CPT
  • Marcus Lewis: Student Intake Coordinator and Coach
  • Matt Delaney: Head Coach, CSCS, Qualified National Level Weightlifter
  • Shamsul Emerich: Coach, N.A.S.M. CPT
  • Sarah Cahill: Coach, CSCS, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach of USA Women's Hockey and at Northeastern University
  • Jerome O'brien: Coach, American Academy of Personal Training

Our Board


  • Board President, Chair of the Revenue Committee
    Rob Zaccardi: Owner, Building Capacity
  • Board Treasurer, Chair of the Finance/Operations Committee
    Juan-Pablo Mas: Senior Associate, Morgenthaler Ventures
  • Chair of the Governance Committee
    Carolyn Grimes: Program Director, Scott/Ross Center for Community Service, Simmons College

  • Board Members

  • Bill Eaton: Vice President and Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
  • Sarah Cahill: Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, Northeastern University
  • Ashley Earle: Community Relations Coordinator, Boston Celtics
  • Grant Freeland: Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Gary French: Lieutenant Detective, Boston Police Department
  • Todd Millay: Managing Director, Choate Investment Advisors LLC
  • Anne Morriss: Founder and CEO, Concire Leadership Institute
  • John J. Larivee: Chief Executive Officer, Community Resources for Justice

What The Students Are Saying

  • “Without this program, I would be back in jail.”
  • “This program means a lot to me.”
  • “They [the coaching staff] care.”
  • “This program has taught me how to be more responsible.”
  • “They point me in a good direction.”
  • “It helps keep me off the streets. I just want to lift weights.”
  • “This keeps me out of trouble.”
  • “I like it, because I can control my anger. I feel more controlled.”
  • “Yeah, I want to do that [weightlifting].”