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Give your employees the gifts of wellness & connection.

  • Virtual 50 minute fitness classes for your team or company of any size

  • Full body strength & conditioning for all levels

  • All bodyweight exercises with optional equipment if available - and a great sweat either way

  • Led by either a team of 1 ICW Staff Coach + 1 or 2 Student Trainers, or 1 very experienced Trainer

  • Can be scheduled at any time of day


For first-timers, athletes, and everyone in between. A unique value, for you & your employees alike:

Schedule with us for a one-off employee perk, or book us weekly* to attract and retain talent looking for high-impact wellness benefits - and a company that cares.

*Popular option: Book 8 weeks to kick-off the partnership!

Improve Productivity

and mental energy & reduce stress for your employees.


employees across your company or team, at a time when we are physically apart

Bridge Capital

both socially and economically while receiving a highly valuable service



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Give your employees the gifts of movement and energy.

Get all of the same benefits as ICW Corporate Group Fitness, but with a twist.

Stretch & Flex classes are low-impact, full body movement & mobility classes. Designed to break up a day of sitting or standing in place to boost energy levels and productivity, but beneficial for your employees at any hour of the day.




Give your employees the gym of their dreams.

Through our Corporate Amenity Gym offering, we will:

  • Design & build out an optimal gym space for your employees

  • Operationalize & manage the gym

  • Provide reduced personal training rates for your employees

  • Invite your company into a community with a social mission much larger than fitness


 Join the great companies below that are already enjoying our services.

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