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Our partnership packages feature a variety of services designed to enrich your company culture while creating social equity and impact that everyone can feel good about.


Our hybrid model combines corporate wellness offerings, powerful discussion based events, and philanthropic investment crucial to scaling impact.

View our partnership levels below:




What You Get:

  • Weekly Circuit Workouts: 50 minutes, full-body, fun, and inclusive to all fitness levels

  • 2 Panel Discussions: Powerful, inspiring and rooted in experiences of Systemic Racism

  • Mini Retreat: 2 hour escape featuring Challenges, Social Discussions, and Consultations

  • Special DEI Workshop: Recruiting, hiring, and retaining Formerly Incarcerated Talent

  • Employee Volunteer Opportunities

  • $519,000 Social Impact ROI




What You Get:

  • All benefits from Hope Package listed to the left

  • Fittest Company Challenge Entry: Fun, competitive Team Building with local companies

  • Additional Mini Retreat

  • $726,600 Social Impact ROI




What You Get:

  • All benefits from Hope and Bridge Packages listed above

  • Company Featured and Acknowledged through our extensive network

  • Flexibility to add certain services throughout the year without additional cost

  • $1,038,000 Social Impact ROI

All services are also offered "a la carte."

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