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We Believe Personal Training is for Everyone

Personal Training and Studio Gyms in general often come with an expensive and intimidating stigma. Our clients frequently give us feedback that we are the first gym where they feel comfortable.


We offer more affordable options than most Personal Training businesses without compromising anything in quality.


Our Unique Approach

Because of our mission and nonprofit status we created a model that minimizes the cost for clients while maximizing the income for our Trainers.


The way we do this is through what we call "Semi-Private" Training, which means you will have your own personalized workout program, but may be sharing a Trainer throughout your session. Our clients say they love how this model makes them feel like part of a community!  If undivided attention is important for you, 1 on 1 sessions are also available at a different rate.


Fit For Purpose

ICW isn't your typical Personal Training studio or nonprofit. We're a social and racial equity movement rooted in the bond of health and powered by the love of community.


When you train with ICW you're not only investing in yourself, you're gaining life changing relationships, and generating careers for those most impacted by Mass Incarceration.


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Trainer working with client on kettle bell squats
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