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ICW Trainer Spotlight - Daunte

Updated: Feb 16

In this special blog post, we have the privilege of highlighting one of ICW's extraordinary trainers, Daunte, Through candid interviews and thought-provoking topic questions, we get an exclusive glimpse into Daunte's connection with ICW.

Our spotlight begins with a simple inquiry: "What do you enjoy most about being at ICW?"

Daunte's heartfelt response not only sheds light on the joys of his work but also exemplifies the essence of ICW's mission—to create a supportive and transformative environment for all. We also asked Daunte the question, "What does ICW mean to you?" Through his eyes, we gain a deeper understanding of the organization's impact on both trainers and participants alike—how it transcends physical fitness to encompass emotional well-being, personal growth, and the forging of lifelong bonds.

As we continue our journey, the spotlight shines on the significance of fitness training in Daunte's life. "What does fitness training mean in your life?" This question unveils the passion and dedication that Daunte brings to each training session, channeling his energy into empowering others to surpass their limits and achieve greatness.

Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary work of Daunte and the collective spirit of ICW.

Daunte working with a client

What does ICW mean to you?

"Well I originally thought it stood for international championship wrestling, yet I clearly stand corrected. InnerCity Weightlifting is something that was not available before my incarceration, which actually could be a testament to the lack of resources kids like myself had available and even more so the lack of resources for my community leaders and role models which would have been the people who I followed behind.

Having a gym is nice however the education provided through ICW along with the resources really sweetens the pot. Imagine grabbing a kid before he enters a life of court pleads and holding tank fights, and teach this kid how to properly train. Then he or she in turn equips themselves with enough to be able to help someone else or teach someone else how to train. You just gave that person a purpose and goals, when in reality that person might have only seen a life of crime.

Alternatively they go from potential career criminal, to career professional. In addition the freedom to use ICW as an outlet for people like myself can be at the very least easy on the pockets and therapeutic so in one word what does ICW mean to me A LOT!"

What do you enjoy about being at ICW?

"You have the structure if you need it and the freedom if you want it. I like the mission statement and I like the energy I received since I stepped foot in an ICW gym. I like the concept and the connections available if you are into networking as I am and the fact that the staff here is in the know so I don’t have to do a bunch of unnecessary explaining and I can comfortably and unapologetically be myself without feeling like I’m being offensive or people are taking my personality or humor the wrong way."

What does fitness training mean in your life?

"I learned how to work out in prison where I spent a lot of my adult life... actually more like all of my adult life. Finding out I could get paid for something I learned while incarcerated was mind blowing. I worked out for a bunch of selfish reasons, yet finding I can help so many people with the knowledge I acquired brings me tremendous joy. I take pride in knowing my experience turned into this knowledge and that I can share it with others while helping them with their mental and physical health. It’s a career.. it’s a lifestyle... it's a part of me."

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