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ICW Model Series: Stage 1 — Earning Trust

Updated: Feb 16

SVP of Community, Reggie Talbert

SVP of Community, Reggie Talbert

In this series, ICW team members will be sharing their work with you in each stage of our programEarning Trust, Building Hope, Bridging Social Capital, and Sustaining Economic Mobility. This first email comes from one of our leaders in Dorchester, Reggie. Reggie started out with ICW as a volunteer in 2013, and today he is our SVP of Community, creating a culture of trust and support at our program site.

  • Why is earning trust important???

I mean we can’t grow or build without it.

It allows both sides to be comfortable and open. It allows one to speak when they’re usually quiet. It makes it easier for them to call or ask us for help when they’re the silent individual who’s been dealing with life alone.

It allows us to be able to communicate with them or anyone on their team.

It allows us to really get to know one another. It allows us to connect on a different level in their lives.

  • How do we earn trust at ICW???

The way I have earned their (student’s) trust was working them out every day mentally and physically.

Just really being there when they needed me, no matter the time. Especially when nobody else was there for them. Making simple phone calls every day, car rides, court appearances, prison visits, child custody hearings, dropping off foods or money.

Not only for them but also for their friends and family.

Overall just do what we say we do and a little bit more.

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