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Trainer Spotlight - ERIC

Updated: Feb 16

This week, we shine a spotlight on a remarkable individual who not only embodies the values of InnerCity Weightlifting but also exemplifies perseverance through adversity. Meet Eric, a dedicated trainer who has transcended the challenges of his past to become a source of inspiration for all he comes in contact with.

Eric at the gym

Through an Interview, Eric generously shares his journey from incarceration to empowerment, offering a glimpse into the profound impact that InnerCity Weightlifting has had on his life.

- What does being apart of ICW mean to you?

Eric - "Being apart of ICW means the world to me, they gave me a support system when I didn’t/don’t even have a support system outside of them."

- What lessons could you pass on to others who are trying to Better their lives as well?

Eric - "The lessons I can pass to other people of struggle is there’s hope and you're not alone, I’m a clear cut case of someone struggling along uphill, because I’ve been at the bottom, I’m from the bottom and because of ICW I'm still in this fight due to their support , so I say don’t give up and don’t let nothing deter your course because there is aid out there in the form of ICW."

- ICW has a strong emphasis on building connections and creating a community that people can be themselves. Is there a memory or moment that you can share that highlights this?

Eric - "To say there is just a moment that highlights my experience while being apart of ICW would be the biggest understatement, since I’ve been apart of ICW excepted in the ICW family I have never felt alone they had my back and have been fighting in my corner from day one, they have gave me help in situations I didn’t even know possible! I never felt so accepted in anything in life especially due to my extreme background and one of the most surprising things are the clients who put their faith in someone like me who come from all walks of life and accept me for Eric Moore and don’t judge me for the mistakes I’ve made, that’s priceless and of upmost value because I can be myself and because of that I’m afforded the opportunity to be the best version of me."

Eric working with a client


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