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KSQ Client Highlight: Kaytlyn

Updated: Feb 16

Kaytlyn doing lunges with kettle bells

We want to recognize Kaytlyn this month, who has been training with ICW since 2021. We reached out to Kaytlyn to hear about her experience training with us, and she says:

"I heard about ICW through a connection that also works in workforce development. I work with Etanis, TY, and Kristen, all of whom contribute to my fitness journey in different ways. Over the last few months, I have developed more consistency in my workout schedule and feel as I owe it to my trainers to show up on time, do the best that I can that day, and be grateful for their guidance and expertise.

I must be encouraged to push myself during training, and they know exactly when I need encouragement or heavier weights, or when I might need a light workout that day, something that can only be developed over time.

For me, walking into a gym is either an empowering or intimidating experience. Walking into ICW is always empowering, even when I don't feel 100%. I love having a gym close to my house, where I feel comfortable and confident working out. You can tell leadership has worked hard to create a community committed to supporting their students and ICW members, and to provide training programs that challenge members regardless of age, fitness level, or ability."

Thank you Kaytlyn, for continuing to support ICW and vision to create better communities.

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